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cherry picked 103 Mar 17 10:47 pm
[Dragon:] I know why you're here Don't try to escape my dear You've been naughty I know By trying to 70 Mar 17 10:45 pm
New reality... Viral obscenity Bloodstained Walkers all around Insecurity... Death of humanity Con 68 Mar 17 10:38 pm
"Thrill Of Decadence" by OPERANOIRE 68 Mar 17 10:30 pm
"In The Rain" by OPERANOIRE 68 Mar 17 10:22 pm
I, I will be king And you, you will be queen Though nothing will drive them away We can beat them, j 70 Mar 17 10:13 pm
Awakened I have become Light now slips away Manipulate your mind Darkness is my slave Taste the sin 71 Mar 17 10:01 pm
Eternal the kiss I breathe Sucked in your blood to me Feel my wounds of your God Forever reign im 8 Mar 17 9:52 pm
Razors edge Outlines the dead Incisions in my head Anticipation the stimulation To kill the exhilara 11 Mar 17 9:45 pm
When I was young I was the nicest guy I knew I thought I was the chosen one But time went by and I f 10 Mar 17 9:34 pm
It's time to play the game... Time to play the game! Hahahaha Hahaha It's all about the game, and h 16 Mar 17 9:23 pm
[Incomprehensible] I'm in league with Satan I was raised in hell I walk the streets of Salem Amongs 17 Mar 17 9:13 pm
Prepare yourself for the worst, it's coming soon I believe in those foretold prophecies of doom They 16 Mar 17 9:04 pm
the things we carry 137 Mar 17 9:00 pm
Death or glory Ive been so bored going nowhere Pissed off with life Don't want no girls to hold me I 18 Mar 17 8:56 pm
Murder I am, you know it was me I was the one, that you didn't see I was the cut, down to your bone 14 Mar 17 8:49 pm
"Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things" by STOKER 14 Mar 17 8:40 pm
"Beyond The Grave" by STOKER 10 Mar 17 8:31 pm
"Scavenger" by STOKER 7 Mar 17 8:24 pm
"Dark Intentions" by STOKER 8 Mar 17 8:16 pm

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Asking For A Friend 2753 2/24
A PC Sunday 7365 3/7
My Blog
by  rosaenaluin   59F
The Siberian bear is on the loose... 4709 2/25
Nnnnnnnoooooooooooooooo 6841 3/6
Dreaming 22146 3/1
cock shots.... 5180 3/16
Amazing ... 2332 2/23
My Blog
by  Lotusflower1   51F
Classic example on Alt..... 4450 2/27
In which one lays a ghost with a spanking 4509 2/24
by  eliza1234   43F
#1 Lust 3717 3/16
For those really mouthy submissives 14866 3/3
new chat room 8006 3/5
by  MissLadywood   45F
Fabulous idea ? 18308 3/16

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